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Upper Cervical Chiropractic

From infants to their grandparents, Licari Family Chiropractic can improve the entire family's health through gentle & precise chiropractic adjustments. Never any popping, twisting, or cracking of the neck! We often hear from our patients that it never ceases to amaze them how such a gentle touch could make such a huge impact on their life!

Through a complete & thorough exam, and specific x-ray analysis the doctor can develop a specific correction formula for an adjustment unique to you! This precise adjustment restores perfect head and neck alignment allowing all brain and healing messages to be sent to the entire body uninterrupted. As long as the brainstem and spinal cord can operate properly without the restriction for a misalignment, millions of health and healing messages per second can be shuttled back and forth to every part of the body! This equals pure health for you!

Watch these videos to learn more about Upper Cervical Care, a revloutionary method of chiropractic treatments.