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What to Expect

First Visit

  • Upon arriving at our office, our staff will provide you with Application for Care forms that will help us understand your problem better. If you have been injured due to an automobile accident, you will be given specific forms suited for your needs.
  • After all necessary forms are completed, you will have a consultation with the doctor to discuss your condition. The doctor will then determine if your condition is one that may be corrected through upper cervical care.
  • The doctor will perform a chiropractic examination consisting of: orthopedic/neurological tests that pertain to your condition, range of motion, posture analysis, and leg length balance.
  • Specific cervical x-rays may be taken, generally 1 from the side, the front, and the top of the neck to create a 3 dimensional view of the spine. Depending on your particular condition, x-rays of other areas may be taken as well.

Second Visit

  • After your x-rays are developed, your doctor will analyze them to determine if any spinal misalignment is present. If so, the Orthospinology analysis will measure the exact degree of imbalance, as well as calculate a formula to correct the misalignment.
  • During your Report of Findings your doctor will explain the x-ray findings and how it relates to your current conditions. At this time, a test adjustment is performed to confirm whether or not upper cervical chiropractic will improve your condition.
  • All patients are adjusted using the Orthospinology technique with the Laney instrument -no twisting or cracking involved.
  • After your spinal correction, 2 post x-rays will be taken to verify that we have improved your spinal alignment.

Third Visit

  • Patient will be checked for subluxations and progress of the healing process.
  • The Doctor will present a Final Report with a treatment plan so the patient will understand what it will take to get their health back.