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Auto Accidents

People who have been unlucky enough to have been in an auto accident should have had Chiropractic care to help them recover; however, many have

never seen a chiropractor after such a traumatic event. When an individual is in an auto collision, hundreds of pounds of pressure are placed on the neck, spine, and muscles. The damage that can be caused due to this kind of event can cause a lifetime of pain and discomfort. The moment an accident happens every person involved in the incident has experienced a misalignment and subluxation, some more severe than others.

Chiropractic care uses spinal adjustments, therapies, and massage to help an individual heal after an auto accident. With these adjustments the Chiropractor is able to assist the body in removing the subluxation, take the stress off of the nerves that were affected, which then allows the body to heal itself. All of this is done without the use of addictive medications. An auto accident is serious, no matter how low of a speed or what damage was caused to the vehicle, internally the body can potentially be dealing with issues that may not even present themselves for years. After an accident involving an injury or not, contact a Chiropractor to ensure your body’s health.

"When I first saw Dr. Licari, I was suffering with numbness in my hands and feet with pain everywhere in my body. I had been in a car wreck and was scared to seek out treatment. I wanted to avoid steroids, MRIs, and surgery at all cost. A couple of weeks after my accident I finally decided to try chiropractic. I had called a local chiropractor’s office but the receptionist was rude, so I called Licari Family Chiropractic. When Peter answered the phone he was very nice, and calming as he set my first appointment with Dr. Licari.

Since that day I have been very pleased with my care- I don’t hurt anymore and I can finally feel my hands and feet again! Now that I’m feeling better I can tend to and lift my children, and perform my daily duties without strain. Once I saw what chiropractic could do to get my health back, I decided that it was also important for my two children to receive care with Dr. Licari. I recommend Licari Family Chiropractic to anyone looking for quality chiropractic care and an office where they treat you like family."

- Marcy L. from Tampa, FL